Airplane Graveyard, Bangkok

Located an hour outside Bangkok, just off Ramkhamhaeng Road lays an abandoned 747 and two smaller MD-82 planes lying in derelict pieces.


Since January 2010, neglected planes have reported to have occupied the yard. Two nose sections of a Boeing 747 were here first; in January 2014, two MD-82 jetlines formerly operated by Orient Thai Airlines were added. By 2015, a 747 had been added as well.

One of the MD-82 model was involved in a fatal 89 person crash at Phuket International Airport in 2007.

Another recent addition to the yard, more unusal than the derelict plane is the three Thai families; who have turned the airplanes into a makeshift home, while flight magazines, oxygen masks, and life vests litter the grounds and interiors.

An entry fee occurs to enter, set by the local family and as you could probably guess, the price is not fixed and varies over time and can range from 100 to 800 baht per person.

Should you visit, make sure you respect the locals. They’re very friendly and will offer you cold water when you pay to enter.






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