Checking In: Bergen Airbnb

We arrived in Bergen for our bank holiday weekend trip. We booked this apartment through Airbnb and was pretty much the first place we looked at.

Sold through the price and the balcony!

The Airbnb apartment is located on the cutest street I have ever seen, I mean; just look at it!


We checked in just a little after 2:00pm, we couldn’t get into the apartment at first as you have to use a code to open a key lock. However, when we realised that we were typing in three digits instead of the four required, we made our way upstairs, and got into our room. We were in room ‘D’; but all the rooms are pretty much exactly the same.

It was modern apartment with a comfy sofa bed which was perfect for our three day stay.

There was a private kitchen,  a TV, and a seating area, however we didn’t use these. We spent a majority of our time on the balcony, where you have an absolutely stunning view of the neighborhood and the cruise port through the row of houses.







The balcony was communal, which made the trip that so much more memorable.

We were sorting out our bags in our room, before deciding to head onto the balcony. There were already three other people sat around the table, so wee decided to take our G&T’s and join them.

We introduced ourselves and instantly became friends, another traveler joined slowly after us, so all four rooms were hanging out together. We drank and laughed the night away and even continued to hang out for the duration of the trip.



Me and Sophie did things we wouldn’t have even known about if it wasn’t for the people we met and that exactly why I would recommend this apartment to anyone.

We paid £103 for two nights (prices may vary) and it was worth every penny. I completely felt at home and wouldn’t even consider staying anywhere else next time in visiting Bergen.

You can click here to find the link.



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