City Break: Dublin, Ireland

Back in October 2017; my sister, Katie and I took a weekend trip over to Dublin, Ireland.

Luckily for us, the flight time between Southampton and Dublin is only 1 hour 20 minutes; which allowed us a full 3 days in the city, before heading back to work Tuesday morning.

Katie and I never normally spend that much time together, so it was really nice to spend the weekend exploring and drinking our way down Temple Bar.

As it was Katie's first time in the city, she wanted to see a little bit of everything that Dublin had to offer, and find out a few interesting facts along the way. Through recommendation, I booked us a space on the Generation Tour.

Generation Tours offer free walking tours in major cities; such as, Dublin, Barcelona, Berlin, Prague and Budapest. You start at the meeting point stated on the website, get introduced by your guide and set off, learning about the folktales, legends, iconic sites, hidden secrets and quirky oddities. The tour guides work on a tip-base only. You simply pay what you think the tour is worth - definitely recommend.

On our last day, we had tickets to visit Kilmainham Gaol; a guided tour through the former prison, which was open until 1924. During operation, the prison as home to men, women and children with no segregation. For only €8, it's incredibly fascinating and eerie. (I'll be writing a separate post on this soon!)

I came home with a hangover, some great memories and a matching tattoo with Katie, overall; what a weekend! Dublin is always such an incredible atmosphere. Mix that with the stunning historical architecture and the creative art work painted all over the city, you can't go wrong!




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