Desert Safari, Dubai


When visiting a different country, I love to discover and learn about the culture and try the traditional food, so when I booked my trip to Dubai, I was straight on the internet to find something fun, culture packed and offered traditional food all in one day.

I came across details for a desert safari which offers an evening in the desert, enjoying traditional food and entertainment in a Bedouin style camp and it was exactly what I was looking for.


I booked my safari experience in advance through Arabian Adventures. It was all very well organised from the beginning, which was incredible helpful.

The evening started out in the early afternoon. We got picked up from a popular hotel and headed in a 4×4 to the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve.

We arrived and let the tires down on the 4×4, making it easier to drive on sand. We detoured to camp and passing a few animals and watching a falcon show and after very fast and bumpy drive through the dunes, we stopped off to watch sunset and take some photos. I finally had my feet in the desert!


As the sun began to set, we sat on the dunes and watched as the sky slowly turn to dark before heading back to our 4×4 on another short drive to camp.

Our camp was beautiful! The camp was full of little touches which really added to the evening. Once we got settled and found a seat, we headed just outside the camp for sand boarding. I grabbed a board and started walking up the dune.. So much harder than it looks!

Finally reaching the top, I strapped myself into my board and watched a couple of people come loose from the straps and stumbled their way down. I edged towards the drop and braced myself to fall… Surprisingly, I sand surfed all the way down!

Next on the agenda, camel rides! The rides lasted around five minutes, and that’s definitely enough time as they don’t exactly move fast!

Henna tattoos were also available in the package; however I am allergic so it was out of the question for me! L

After the sand boarding and camel rides, we headed in for some well needed food! Each course was traditional Middle Eastern food – yum!

Falafel, baked vegetables and Houmous with handmade flat bread was to start and it was delicious! A selection of grilled meats and fresh salads was served as the main. (I’m vegetarian, and they provided and delivered some beautiful non-meat/non-fish options, so I definitely did not miss out!) And finally, for dessert a traditional range of delectable sweets were available.

The safari also includes an open bar of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.. Pass me the wine!

As our evening came to an end, we were entertained with belly dancing and enjoying a shisha in the lounge area. Once the belly dancing show has finished, the lights were turned off and the sky was suddenly filled with millions of stars, it was breath-taking.

I would recommend anyone travelling to Dubai to book a desert safari. You’ll get an evening full of fun, culture, entertainment and delicious food and an awesome experience.

I booked this tour through Arabian Adventures.
Click here to be directed to their website.




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