Liam White: Inspired by Skinhead



Originally, I had planned to do this photo shoot at the beach, to start practicing on my ‘panning’ technique but due to low sunset, bad lighting and no cloud, we needed to change location and I’m so glad we did.

We decided to head into the back alley-ways of Bournemouth and began working with the surroundings to capture and create the MOD/Skinhead inspired photo shoot.

I was pretty pleased with the original photographs I took and once I began editing them, I tested out a few edit styles before deciding to go with the black, white and grainy effect.

I wanted this series of photographs to look like they were captured in the Mod and Skinhead movement, and I absolute love how increasing the level of grain on each photo offers a complete vintage feel.





A colour series of different photographs from the same photo shoot will be coming soon!


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