Street Art in Boscombe

I have always been interested in art, especially street art. The time, talent, dedication and research that goes into creating a mural is incredible.


The above mural is unfortunately hidden away. Come away from Boscombe high street, go down a small quiet road and you are greeted with these three astronauts and they definitely catch your attention straight away. On closer inspection, you can see all the small details, especially on their facial expressions and the shading throughout which bring this piece to life..

After being amazed by the large mural, I turned the corner as saw this small painting located at the back of Chaplin’s. The bar is located at the beginning of the high street, and if you ever get the chance to go, you will be whisked away into a magical atmosphere with the art and murals in their beer garden. Continuing the art through to the used keg storage at the back is a nice touch!


It is such a shame that these is not in a more populated area as it adds a lot of character and interest to Boscombe.

Let me know your thoughts!






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