Love The Farm. Leave No Trace | Glastonbury Festival

So, Sunday evening comes to a close at Glastonbury Festival, the performances stop, stalls start selling their stock half price, food stall have started to close and thousands of people are aimlessly walking around trying to find the closest late-night bar.

People begin to leave the festival site and remaining along with the stages and crew is tonnes of abandoned tents, chairs, mattress’, food, beer and just general rubbish.


In case you were wondering, approximately 135,000 people attending Glastonbury 2016 and after five days, the festivalgoers left behind approximately 1,022 tonnes of recycling, 57 tonnes of undamaged and reusable items, piles upon piles of camping chairs, a shocking 500,000 plastic bags of rubbish.


Where does it all go?

A team of more than 1500 litter pickers make their way across the 100 acres of site in a six-week clean up operation.

How can I do my part to help clean up?

The your tents and camping equipment home
Take every item that you bring into Glastonbury home 

Remove your tent pegs 
Limit what you bring
Put all your rubbish in the 40,000 hand-paining bins located around the festival

For more information on the campaign, click here

Remember, throughout the year Worthy Farm, which holds Glastonbury Festival is actually as a working dairy farm.

Think twice before leaving your rubbish like this!

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Love the farm. Leave no trace.


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