‘Woodhenge’, the Dorset Replica of Stonehenge


The Stonehenge replica, called ‘Woodhenge’ has caused quiet a stir since being built in June 2015. Charlie Newman, the landlord of the Square and Compass pub in Worth Matravers, decided to create the replica out of leftover tree trunks from two 25ft Monterey pine trees.

Made from 12 tree trunks, each weighing 2.5 tonnes and topped with sections of the tree trunks around 8ft long. The whole sculpture weighs around 35 tonnes! It took nearly 12 hours to complete, but Woodhenge was ready just in time for Summer Solstice 2015 and the locals love it.


The district council on the other hand, had ordered for the sculpture to be torn down after the complaint ‘the field is within the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty‘ and the sculpture did not meet planning regulations.

However, after an online petition and thousands of signatures later, Woodhenge has been allowed to stay for two years.

Enjoy this unique sculpture while it lasts!

Location: Worth Matravers.

Where? In a field located in the car park by the Square and Compass.



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