Camden Lock Market, London

The iconic Camden Lock Market started as a cluster of craft workshops in 1974 and has since grown to become one of the worlds most famous markets.

Attracting more the 100,000 visitors each weekend, the market is the fourth most popular tourist destination in London. It’s by far my one of my favourite places to visit whilst in the city. I absolutely love the atmosphere, the street art surrounding the market, the music and the all round quirkiness.

Located by the Regent Canal, Camden Market was the result in abandoned motorway plans, which was originally planned to cut through the area. After the plans were abandoned, the market became a permanent feature to Camden.

Many of the famous have been seen shopping in Camden Lock Market, such as David Bowie, Bob Dylan, Barbara Streisand, Naomi Campbell, Giorgio Armani, Boy George, Sir Paul McCartney and before becoming famous, Amy Winehouse worked on a stall in the market selling clothes.

Full of the weird and wonderful, Camden has nearly everything you could imagine. Some of London’s finest designers, artists and independent sellers are among those working in the unique and creative market, alongside the mouth-watering cuisine from around the world.


What to Eat?

You are seriously spoilt for choice when in Camden Market. A variety of every food you could imagine is available at a reasonably cheap price for a large portion.

However, as a vegetarian, I don’t exactly appreciate having chicken shoved in my face as I walk past the stalls and when telling them ‘no thanks.. Vegetarian’ they are soon quick to offer a copious amount of vegetarian food as a discounted price.

What I Ate..

After wandering around with my hunger eyes, we came across a stall called ‘Hong Kong Island’ which has a small range of vegan and vegetarian food available.

When we told the server that we wanted the vegan option, she pointed out everything vegan and offered us a small portion of everything for the same price. She piled high the contained and charged us £5 for the below. It was well cooked, full of flavour and not greasy at all… Delicious!


Find this stall…
At Camden Market bridge, enter the market passing Oddballs on your left, head straight ahead and it is on the corner looking like this…

Finished it all off with a stack of tiny pancakes, topped with Nutella and strawberries.

Full? Yes… very.



How to Get There?

I always find it easier to visit Camden via the underground.

Located in Zone 2, you will need to get off at Camden Town tube station which is located on the Black Northern Line.




Best Time to Visit?

On sunny days, Camden Market is packed. I remember last time I visited.. I could barely move, especially through the small enclosed market section.

When I visited this time, it was raining and very quiet. I definitely prefer it this way as you can really soak in the atmosphere without being overcrowded.

Opening Times

Open: 10am – 6pm

The market is open 364 days a year. Christmas Day being the one day that the market closes.


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