Change vs Fulfillment

Recently, I’ve began feeling like something was missing.  I couldn’t understand or figure what that something was and I found myself constantly thinking about it.

Maybe it was work; maybe it was my friends, my family?

It just didn’t know, all I knew was that I didn’t feel fulfilled.

Until my best friend spoke to a friend of ours, who at the time was frustrated with the slow start of a new business.

She went on to say ‘always celebrate the small successes, otherwise, you will never get anywhere’

That stuck.

It clicked, like a flick of a switch. Nothing was missing.

‘Celebrate the small successes’

Okay. Well, 2016 has been a year of change.
I changed my previous feeling of unhappiness and started to learn about myself as a person. I changed my view on certain things and changed my attitude in always saying ‘it will happen eventually’.

I made the change. I enrolled in three, 10-week photography courses which will see me studying until late April 2017. I created The Days We Live For and found a new passion for writing, blogging and being creative. I got in touch with a local company and had my photograph featured in a calendar. I worked and volunteered at Glastonbury Festival, working backstage at the Acoustic Stage. I’ve visited Dubai, Paris and Prague over the past year, alongside my trips to places around the South Coast.

However, for the past year, I have been so focused on traveling to new places, and getting my blog off the ground and creating something for myself with photography that I forgot to slow down and appreciate the people I care about. I spent the moments that only last for a short time, glued to my camera, trying to capture something new for the blog and when my mind started playing catch-up, I realised that I had become distant.

People change. Throughout life, things are constantly changing. New experiences happen, new people enter your life and everything starts to evolve. We gain new skills and views on the world and at the end of the day; all we need to do is accept and welcome these changes with open arms, but stay true to you.

Staying true to you starts with realising what you love, what you are passionate about, what you stand for, who your real friends are and appreciating all the little things along the way.

Slow down, life is too short.


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