Dubai Journal – Day 5 (Battuta Mall)

Monday 9th May 2016

In the morning, we headed to Battuta Mall, located on Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai.

Explore the courts!

The Battuta Mall is named after the famous adventurer Ibn Battuta, who at the age of 21 set off to explore the world. Over 24 years, he explored Tunisia, Egypt, Persia, India, China and Andalusia.

The interior themes in this mall are influenced by the adventures, life and travel of Ibn Battuta. The Mall is definitely worth a visit, even if like me and just go for a glimpse of the beautiful designs!


The Exterior


For more information on the adventures of Battuta and the design influence, visit the website;

After spending roughly two hours in the mall, we had an exciting tour in front of us, heading to the hotel for pick up, we set off into the desert on our Arabian Adventure. (See post Desert Safari!)


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