Durdle Door, Dorset



Look at that view. I know I say this a lot, but I mean every word when I say that I love Dorset.

On an adventure filled Saturday, we ended up at Durdle Door located on the Jurassic Coast in Dorset.

Durdle Door is a incredible beauty of nature, with a world famous limestone rock arch, formed when the weaker rock was eroded by the sea around 140 million years ago.


To get to the Durdle Door car park, you have to go through a holiday park. If my sister hadn’t of reassured me that Durdle Door was at the other end, I probably would of turned around and been confused with the directions. (Thanks Katie)

As we started walking down the hill, we were greeted with this view. Durdle Door just poking it’s nose out in the distance and the sun glistening on the water, what an incredible coastline.


From The Top

I like to see everything from a different angle, so when my eyes caught a glimpse of a make-shift path leading up to the top of the arch, I obviously had to climb and explore.

The climb to the top was definitely worth it, it’s a bit windy but you escape the busyness of the pebbled beach below and the view is breath-taking, especially how sun is reflecting from the coastline.




Cost: FREE
However car park costs apply in summer, but free after 6PM

Durdle Door Holiday Park,
West Lulworth
BH20 5PU




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