Scuba Diving Experience


My first scuba diving experience, left a lot to be remembered. Arriving at the Dive Academy in Santa Pola, Spain, everyone was incredibly friendly.  I became instantly jealous with their job… in the sunshine, scuba diving for a living – where do I sign up?

I had no previous diving experience, so decided to go for the Discover Scuba Diving. It allowed me try scuba to see if I liked it. While it is not an actual scuba diving certification, during the Discover Scuba Diving experience, I learnt how to use the scuba equipment in shallow water and had a quick and easy introduction to learn what it takes to explore the world underwater.

We all jumped in the trusty mini bus, and left Santa Pola, a group of six beginners and two instructors. We traveled for an hour before reaching our scuba diving destination of Cala Cortina.


We all squeezed into our wet suits, eventually, grabbed our equipment and headed to the beach to have a talk through on basic skills and safety rules before we entered the water.

Scuba diving equipment is heavy, so getting in the water and was a relief on my little legs! A practice on the basic skills in the water, and we were off.

The first open water dive of the day and I loved every second. Breathing and swimming underwater for the first time in my entire life, you cannot explain the feeling, it was just incredible. After an hour and half in the water, we headed back to shore for some much needed lunch.

The second open water dive was at 12 metres. I managed to get the hang of things, and felt like a mermaid – for real.

Until, I lost a flipper. That’s right, I lost my flipper somewhere off the shores of Cala Cortina and didn’t even realise until one of the instructors grab my foot. Which is terrifying when you think something was out to get you, the moment of panic, followed by laughter which caused my regulator to come out of my mouth, making me swallow sea water – disgusting.

I swam to the top to catch my breath and to try and get the taste of sea salt out of my mouth before the instructor shortly follow and generously gave me her flipper.

I went back in and continue with my scuba diving experience and shortly after I bashed my knee against a rock. Brilliant. Still in high spirits, I went the rest of the day without another incident and all in all, it was an incredible day and unforgettable experience.



I booked the PADI Discover Scuba Experience through Dive Academy, Santa Pola. The academy is owned by twin brothers Wayne and Gary and they run a fantastic operation and know how to make the day, from beginning to end, full of fun, knowledge, which you can use to go on to complete your Full Open Water course.

For more information and to check out their courses, click on the website below. You wont regret it, even if you do lose a flipper.



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